Is Coolant The Same As Antifreeze

Since Preston is ideal for replacing the air conditioner in any car; it is a good idea when your car needs coolant service
When talking about fluids in your coolant system, yes, you can talk about coolants and antifreeze as similar.
Depending on where you are taking the car for repairs or service, you may be asked to indicate the dynamics of the liquid coolant or antifreeze or both coolant systems. This is because the fluid in the coolant system is interchangeable, which helps to keep it running at the right temperature.
The main difference in words is simple; even in winter, the engine cools to the right temperature throughout the year. So the engine needs to be cooled 365 days a year. In cold weather, the refrigerator should have ‘antifreeze’ properties to prevent freezing. Good quality coolants already contain antifreeze ingredients, so you do not have to change the fluid inside the machine every season.
It can be confusing to have two names – and adding to a confusing screen wash also creates antifreeze properties. We have put together this guide to help you understand the fluids in your car and what they do.
Coolant / Antifreeze
At Preston we mentioned about freezing / antifreeze because it is a product. The cooler / antifreeze is a mixture of antifreeze agents and water that goes into your car coolant system to control the temperature. This keeps the snow away in the winter, but also prevents it from getting hot all year round. With the right motor oil, coolant / antifreeze is a very important fluid in your car. Without both, the engine will fail in a disaster. While it is a good idea to do more testing about your refrigerator / antifreeze in cold weather, your machine may need refrigeration throughout the year.
Other products like screen wash may describe themselves as antifreeze or ice melt, but it should be understood that this is different from the liquid in your coolant system – combining them is devastating!
What is Coolant / Antifreeze?
Coolant / Antifreeze contain an organic compound called monoethylene glycol (MEG), an odorless, colorless, sweet-tasting liquid known for its antifreeze properties. When mixed with water in the car’s coolant system, ethylene glycol lowers the freezing temperature and raises the boiling point so that the fluid passing through the engine bay can run regardless of season or weather.
Monoethylene glycol (MEG) is toxic to humans and animals, so follow the manufacturer’s safety advice and instructions when you use refrigerant / antifreeze, especially when you consume products.
What protection do Preston coolant / antifreeze provide?
Preston is pre-mixed with coolant / antifreeze to provide excellent protection from extreme temperatures from -37 to + 129C, so you can be sure that you can always store it no matter how extreme the conditions.. Our patent formula has been tested in some of the most difficult and challenging conditions ever discovered on Earth, so we know we can do it when it’s hard to go.

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