1 Tell us about yourself!
Hi, my name is Vidhur Senthil and I am currently a junior at Upper St. Clair High School in Pittsburgh PA. I love to stay active and take a chance at whatever comes my way.
2 How do your shoes define you as a person?
My shoes definitely tell a lot about me. More than how the shoe looks, I care more about the price. I do not like to spend a lot of money on shoes because I personally do not think expensive shoes are worth it.
3 Tell us your experience as a Model G20 delegate.
I had an amazing time as a Model G20 delegate! I was in 9th grade when I attended my first summit in Boston. The summit was very formal and it made me feel like I was experiencing the actual G20. The summit I attended had a strong focus on climate change mitigation and sustainability and it really opened my eyes and gave me a broader view of what is happening in our world. It sparked my passion for environmental action, and ever since that summit, I have started working on a multitude of environmental-related projects. Overall, the experience I had at the summit is something I will never forget!
4 What new thing did you learn today (or yesterday, if it’s still early)?
Today, I learned that I should start studying harder for Spanish quizzes.
5 What did you like the most about the Summit?
The thing I liked the most about the summit I attended was that I had the opportunity to view the world in a way I had never viewed before. The fact that I could meet students like me from different countries and hear their opinions was very fascinating. When Knovva hosted the virtual y7 event, I was determined to get the top delegate prize just so I could attend a future summit. Like I said before, The Knovva Academy really gave me a better perspective of the world and I can’t emphasize that anymore.

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