Camping season is coming, and all of us want to go out there and have a perfect camping trip. In this case, a good cooler is an essential element contributing to a great camping trip or picnic day.

What Is a Cooler?

A cooler could be called by many other names, such as a chilly bin or a cool box; however, in general, it is innovatively designed for the sole purpose of storing and keeping your food and drink cool for a long time. It is like a portable fridge that does not require electricity.

There are many coolers on the market designed for various targets of use, however, for camping, the one below is one of the best choices.

ORCA Cooler 58 Quart

Together with Yeti, ORCA is one of the Best Cooler In The World. In terms of performance, it is awesome; however, you need to be fully informed on how to prepare to use it to maximize the ice retention and insulation of this product, since the 58 Quart should always be well packed. If you meet this requirement, it could reach an amazing result of 7-day ice retention.

As the name suggests, this product has a capacity of 58 quarts, and it is one of the many Rotomolded-style coolers available today. Interestingly, this manufacturer from the USA offers you a lifetime warranty.


In the insulation test, ORCA has successfully proven its amazing ability, as this product could retain an interior temperature of below 40 degrees Fahrenheit during the test, which not many other competitors could achieve. In terms of the ice retention, the number it got was 7 days; an outstanding result that is hard to beat. Those values clearly indicate that your food and beverages could stay fresh for a week. Thus, ORCA is an excellent choice for longer trips as well.


ORCA chose premium materials for this product, which means that the 58 Quart is highly durable. The manufacturer also highlighted its toughness thanks to the unique design of pin-style hinges. This feature enables the cooler to stand up against any physical forces affecting it. In addition, ORCA also makes this model with a solid lid and thick latches, adding significantly to the value of its robustness. There has been no leaking recorded so far. In fact, each part of this model is carefully designed so that it can work exceptionally well.

It is not an overstatement to say that this ORCA is one of the strongest and most durable coolers on the market right now.


The ORCA is quite compact and light, which will enable you to carry and move it easily and without issue. The handles are mainly made of nylon, but they also come with the addition of semi-rigid rubber which creates outstanding, comfortable, and movable handles.

As mentioned before, the ORCA doesn’t occupy much space, and its cube-shaped design enables one person to carry it.

Ease of Use

It is very easy to understand the design, method of use, and function of each feature of the ORCA 58 Quart. The latches are not only comfortable, as mentioned above, but also handy to carry. It also features a drain for easy cleaning after use.


This product is one of the top-rated coolers being snapped up by many customers. The packing is a bit annoying at first, but when you get the hang of it, its use will turn out to be surprisingly comfortable. Users also gave positive feedback on the design of this cooler, especially the cute little whale tail shapes of the latches.


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